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REGENESIS® offers remediation professionals a suite of innovative technologies and services to treat a wide range of contaminants, including petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents, via enhanced bioremediation, chemical oxidation, desorption and metals immobilization.  Land Science is a division of REGENESIS, Inc., the global leader in advanced technologies for contaminated site remediation. Since 1994, REGENESIS has developed and commercialized a range of proven soil and groundwater remediation products to treat a wide-variety of contaminants. 

EPRO has everything you need for any vapor intrusion mitigation or waterproofing condition for any project at any location. The Geo-Seal Vapor Intrusion Barrier systems provided by EPRO enable users to dial in the right level of protection for site-specific conditions and a wide variety of contaminants of concern. Tested, proven, and trusted, Geo-Seal has a 20-year record mitigating the threat of vapor intrusion throughout the United States and Canada.  With a nearly 30-year track record in manufacturing waterproofing systems, EPRO also has a suite of waterproofing systems that keep buildings dry while also mitigating vapor intrusion. EPRO backs all of our systems with an industry-leading warranty program, including warranties covering both waterproofing and vapor intrusion.


Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. is an engineering and environmental consulting firm with more than 1,000 team members and 26 offices nationwide. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, CEC is consistently ranked among the top firms on Engineering News-Record’s annual lists of the Top Design Firms and Top Environmental Firms.  CEC’s comprehensive VI consulting services include initial screening-level efforts (often as due diligence for property transactions), soil gas and indoor air sampling, analyses, risk evaluation, and mitigation design and implementation.




Stego® Industries brings game-changing technology to the construction market. Known for our flagship Stego Wrap line of below-slab vapor barriers and retarders, we have earned the respect, trust, and recommendation of the architectural, engineering, and construction communities. Our sub-slab barrier systems are a critical component in the design and construction of efficient, durable, and healthy buildings.  Stego is the exclusive worldwide representative for Drago® Wrap Vapor Intrusion Barrier, a multi-layered plastic extrusion that combines uniquely designed materials with only high grade, prime, virgin resins. This patent pending barrier technology provides high performance and longevity, allowing for the redevelopment of brownfields and contaminated sites, creating a healthy built environment.   Please contact us to connect with a Stego representative for information regarding pricing, samples or where to purchase Drago products. 877-464-7834 | www.stegoindustries.com





From Vapor Intrusion Testing to Vapor Mitigation System Implementation.  From the first step of vapor intrusion testing to the final implementation and ongoing monitoring, we commit to excellence in every detail that goes into ensuring clean indoor air for your commercial or industrial building.

Protect Environmental is a national leader in the environmental consulting and construction industry, focusing on radon and chemical vapor intrusion management. With a proven track record spanning 18 years and more than 200,000 completed projects in all 50 U.S. states and 2 U.S. territories, the company provides expert service from its trusted professionals to provide peace of mind protection to property owners seeking to build and maintain healthy, safe, and sustainable indoor environments. For more information, call 502-410-5000 or visit protectenvironmental.com




Summit Environmental Technologies, Inc., a full-service environmental laboratory, specializes in providing a diverse range of analytical capabilities. We routinely provide analysis in support of CERCLA, RCRA, Brownfields, CWA, SDWA, NPDES, UCMR, PFAS, and other regulatory programs. We conduct air, groundwater, soils, wastewater, oils, and special project analysis for thousands of professionals in industry, engineering, and government. Our extremely detailed Quality Assurance Program meets and exceeds EPA guidelines and our customer service is second-to-none.